Stunned By My Own Stupidity

I sat bolt upright in bed last night, nothing to do with earrings, and remembered that I am not new to blogging at all. Can you believe that it has totally escaped me that I wrote a blog for nearly two and a half years for ASB bank, ending last November? I have, infact, been blogging since 2008 - professionally! How I had forgotten that I just can't imagine as the whole professional side of things was something of a stretch. For a start, I didn't even know what a blog was until someone paid me to do one, and for a finish, the subject of the blog was supposed to be about online banking and I was totally in the dark on that subject, having only just come to grips with the concept of the ATM as opposed to going into the bank and asking the nice lady to open up the ledger and see what my account balance was. My blog continued quite happily until someone at ASB remembered I was doing it and then got rid of me. It's much nicer to be writing a blog that doesn't have to be about online banking although as a result of writing about it without knowing what it was for those years, I now know what it is.



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