And The Winner Is...

In my other life I am a 1950s movie star so I have a naturally occurring interest in the Academy Awards. It's not all about the frocks either although please, enough of the nude chiffon already. The last week has been a frenzy of movie going as I attempt to see all the best picture nominations (only missing Kids are All Right and Winter's Bone).

Last night we saw 127 Hours. Gulp. In the extremely unlikely event that I ever go hiking in the canyons alone, please remind me to take a vial of morphine, a chainsaw and a bottle of champagne. I mean cutting your arm off is one thing but you shouldn't have to drink your own pee while doing it. A truly amazing story and James Franco must have a shot at the Oscar.

My other Oscar pick would be Christian Bale in The Fighter which is another true story told exceptionally well. He is scarily good in it and it doesn't hurt to have Mark Wahlberg doing his under-stated best in the main role. Actually the movie is worth seeing just for the horror that is the brothers' collection of sisters. Should my brothers ever complain about me I shall point them in that direction!

I will wrap this up now because I am writing it on my iPad and it is doing my head in. I seem to have an invisible sixth finger on my right hand that presses the return button so I spend half. My time finding that stupid - see what I mean! It just did it then! Me, I preferred the old days when the return was operated by a lever which rang a little bell.



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