Very Big Cloud, Very Small Silver Lining

It’s impossible to be chirpy blog-wise this week as the destruction becomes more apparent in Christchurch, the city at the other end of New Zealand from mine, which was devastated by an earthquake earlier this week.

For those of you outside New Zealand, Auckland, where I am, is about the same distance from Christchurch as Seattle, WA, would be from San Francisco, CA.

But we’re just a little thin country with only a handful of big cities and we’re all feeling the pain as the body count rises in Christchurch and the buildings we all know and love are reduced to piles of rubble.

The awful thing is that I feel like I see images like this all the time but because it usually happens a long way away there’s an emotional distance that keeps it from hitting home. Not now. Home has been hit. My heart aches for those who have lost loved ones, and those who have been injured, and those who have nowhere to live, no water, no power, nothing. It must be such a frightening time and the future so uncertain. Schools are closed, there’s no work to go to, life as the people of Christchurch know it has tumbled to a terrifying halt.

The great shining light in all this horror though is the triumph of the human spirit. As stories emerge of people helping each other, battling the odds, surviving this terrible tragedy, I’m reminded – yet again, hey, one day it might actually sink in - that it’s the people around us, wherever we are and whoever they are, that really matter.

I’m clinging to mine.

You can donate to the Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Appeal via this link:



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