My Life With Colin Firth

I’ve been thinking about Colin Firth quite a lot – who hasn’t? – and am reminded that I discovered him before nearly anyone else.

I was wandering up Haymarket in London one day in 1991 and was passing the Theatre Royal, where Dawn French was appearing in a play called Silly Cow, when Colin Firth came towards me pushing a baby in a pushchair while deep in conversation with his then-wife, Meg Tilly, who played the dead guy’s girlfriend in The Big Chill.

I can’t remember now how I knew he was Colin Firth, but I did. I knew it so much I may have dribbled on my shoes a little. And I’ve known it ever since then and I’m knowing it again a lot more now.

I also ended up going to Silly Cow but mainly I remember the Theatre Royal because I had my one and only close-up Colin Firth moment outside it.

It was a really good moment.



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