Oops. Sorry. Yum.

Three gigs into my New Zealand Book Tour and totally re-thinking my outfit. Two short skirts when it turns out I am doing a lot of sitting down facing people - what was I thinking? I had to warn the front row at Oxford and in Wanaka but might go out today and buysomething a little more seemly so I do not frighten the kind people of Cromwell and its surrounds this evening at Northburn Station. Luckily, for them, it is cold in the South Island in the evening so I am at least wearing tights. Sharon Stone, I ain't. Not just because of that but because I suspect Sharon Stone doesn't have chocolate for breakfast and this morning I am. I know exactly where it is and have been picturing it since about 5am although I'm in a tizzy because there are two options. Should I go for the dark chocolate pinot noir and cherry Patagonia truffle, or the Queen Ann marshmallow and dark chocolate Easter Egg? Truffle small and sophisticated, egg large and sugar-coma inducing. Both worth it.



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