The Great Dolci di Love Rock and Roll Tour

I'm half way through my New Zealand book tour and it's been a real thrill meeting so many readers. I've even discovered some new relations. My husband's not too impressed by that as he already thinks I have enough but he is wrong. So if you are related to me then come tonight to Wellington, or tomorrow to Masterton, the next night to Palmerston North (already quite a lot of cousins there) and the following day to Wanganui and New Plymouth. Details are on the Dolci di Love Facebook page. Yesterday afternoon at Dorothy Brown Cinema and Bookstore in Arrowtown (relation count: one husband, one brother, one cousin) I met another family who said they felt like I was one of theirs. There were three generations of them! I had sat next to the middle generation on a plane once and she pulled out one of my books. A real sighting! Then I had sat next to her mother on a different flight and she had loaned me a book mark. The youngest of the generations said they now feel like I'm a member of their family and that when the three of them left to come to the book launch, the father said, "Give my love to Sarah-Kate." Awwwww, bless!

US readers, I am coming your way soon! I will be in New York for the whole of April although not sure if there will be a book event there, but I will then be coming to Colorado, New Mexico and the Bay area. Stay tuned!




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