Lynches Rule!

My very own family has obliged by beating the three generations who came to the Arrowtown launch of Dolci di Love. Last night at Caffe L'Affare in Wellington, among the 120 people who turned out for Prosecco and yummy L'Affare nibbles, was my Auntie Irene, her daughter, her daughter and her daughter! Irene taught meto type so you could say she is actually responsible for my having written seven and a half novels. Without her typing skills being drummed in to me, I might be only up to one and a half. Tonight I spoke to a wonderful crowd in Masterton and am now staying in the same hotel where I spent my wedding night 18 years ago. Hopefully they have managed to contain the poisonous amoeba that lurked in the spa pool then. All the same, I will not be venturing anywhere near the spa pool. By the way, just to prove how rock and roll I really am, I'm in bed in my jim-jams with a hot cup of cocoa. And have been for quite some time.



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