This is just a quick check to see if there is anyone out there. In case you didn't realize, writers spend most of the time on their own, staring at a computer. For years this has been a one way street but now that I have worked out how to post comments, it need not be. Now, my computer could start giving something back if you were so kind as to help it along a tads. The reason I wasn't responding to earlier comments when I first started the blog was that they were rather rudely going straight in...
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The Things I've Seen...

I was lucky enough to talk my husband into coming to see Eclipse, the latest in the Twilight saga, at the weekend. We have quite a good system where I will go to things he wants to see and he will come to things I want to see. What he doesn't realize is that I like to see everything so I get huge brownie points, say, for going to see The A Team when in fact I was gagging to see it anyway. My friend Noriko did the hair and make up for Liam Neeson who I thought looked gorgeous and Bradley Cooper i...
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Bits' n Bobs

I've just finished reading Anna Quindlen's Every Last One. I love her books and this one was no exception although I found that I cried a lot. Not as much as I did at the end of The Leisure Seeker by Michael Zadoorian - that was howling and soaking the pillow territory - but I probably cried for longer at a lower level. Anna Quindlen's characters are so well developed you tend to feel that you're right there with them so when really, really, really, really awful things happen, as they do in Ever...
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Non Parlo Italiano

The comment posted below Extreme Update is from my friend Corina whom I met while I was researching Dolci di Love. The book is set in a fictional version of Montepulciano, one of the most divine hilltop towns in Tuscany. As I was travelling there on my own, which is not one of my favourite things, I signed up to Il Sasso language school so I wouldn't be lonely. I wasn't. I didn't actually learn very much Italian but I made some great friends among them Corina who was not in the dunces class like...
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Extreme Update

Look, here I am again! And I found out about the posts too. Oh yes I'm all technological now, I am. Why I EXPECT BOB GATES WILL oops be sending me a letter any day now asking me to join his team of top, um, technological, ah, people in white coats with pocket protectors. Anyway, on the subject of the book I have just finished, it is to be called Dolci di Love. What do you think? Naming books is a funny old business. House of Daughters was originally The House of Peine in New Zealand but my UK ...
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I have just discovered that far from being the Nelly No Friends I thought I was, there have been comments posted about my blogs but I didn't find them. I have now! But I don't know how to approve them! Do you see why I don't get Facebook? Or the microwave? I am behind the times but will remedy this because it's quite exciting especially as so far no one has said anything nasty
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