Eating With The Angels

Eating With The Angels

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Taste means everything to restaurant critic Connie Farrell, so when her husband Tom fails to turn up for their second honeymoon in fairytale Venice, she's rattled but she doesn't lose her appetite. Indeed, handsome gondolier Marco sates her with all manner of mouth-watering delicacies, including himself. And then there's the silver-haired Luca, mature and oh, so tasty. Come to think of it, every second honeymoon should be so sweet...

But all turns sour back home in New York when Connie is dealt the cruellest blow imaginable. Suddenly, there's nothing on the menu but heartache and sorrow. Her marriage is over, her lover's a stranger, her mother is poinsonous and no porcini veloute, no thrice-roasted duck, no hot chocolate upside-down souffle can fix all that because Connie can't remember what she truly finds delicious.

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