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You don’t write novels about Irish cheese, French bread, English tea-rooms, Venetian bar snacks, champagne, Tuscan cookies, New York honey and love in a hot climate without getting to see a bit of the world. When my editor at New Zealand Woman’s Day noticed this, she suggested I become the magazine’s Travel Editor, so now I trot the globe for no other purpose than trotting the globe. What can I say? Sometimes it sucks working for years in a cupboard under the stairs tapping away at the computer, and sometimes I get to tap away at a table outside a Parisian cafe, or on board a cruise ship, or before I hit the surf at Waikiki, or in the Australian Outback. 

Click on Woman’s Day Stories and you can see where I've been as the stories appear in the magazine, or LET ME BE YOUR TRAVEL GURU and ask me anything you like about this big old beautiful world of ours using the form below.

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