Re-invention #472

After many years as a journalist, Sarah-Kate tired of trying to make the facts fit a good story and embarked on a career as a novelist.

Over the next couple of decades, she published three works of non-fiction and nine novels which sold in excess of 500,000 copies around the world.

During this time she became a columnist for the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, a magazine she had previously edited, before moving to New Zealand Woman’s Day where as well as writing about handbags and husbands, she is Travel Editor. She now spends a lot of time explaining that travel writing is a real job. Shut up. It is.

More recently Sarah-Kate has launched herself into the medium of television, starting off writing scripts for popular NZ soap opera Shortland St; moving on to Series 2 and 3 of Australian co-production 800 Words; adapting someone else’s novel for the thriller, The Bad Seed (for which she won Best Script at the NZ Television Awards 2019); and creating and writing her own thriller, Canadian co-production The Sounds, shot in New Zealand in 2019, going to air 2020.

For a woman who long made a living out of writing rom-com novels about food, her penchant for thrillers may seem surprising but as it turns out she is quite windswept and mysterious on the inside.

Her next thriller is set on another dramatic piece of New Zealand coastline but she is also working on a traumedy called If You See Kay, loosely based on her 2014 tongue-in-cheek memoir, Screw You Dolores.

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