Screw You Dolores

When novelist and columnist Sarah-Kate Lynch turned 50 she declared ‘A Year of Me’ and set off in search of the key to happiness. She started with great expectations by shopping for shoes in Paris, attempted to build her character by going solo, counted her friends on the fingers of both hands, recounted a dodgy handshake with Hugh Jackman, joined a laughing yoga group in Mumbai, drank too much rosé and ate too much salt. By the end of the year she was, much to her own surprise, in possession of a clean bill of health and the secret to happiness. No, not THE SECRET. That’s not even a secret any more. Another one – which is also now no longer a secret because in the endearing, hilarious Screw You Dolores, she shares it with you.

Available at all good bookstores in New Zealand and worldwide as an e-book on amazon.