Heavenly Hirani’s School of Laughing Yoga

(Published in the US as House of Daughters and in the UK as House of Joy)

When lonely vigneron Clementine Peine’s curmudgeonly papa meets his maker one frosty night, all he leaves behind is a mountain of debt, a cellar of champagne and a legacy of bitterness and betrayal. But at least with him out of the way, Clementine has a shot at restoring the reputation of the family’s once-famous Champagne House. Enter her long-lost sister, the obnoxious Mathilde, demanding her share of the inheritance, followed by Sophie, a scruffy urchin from Paris, also rightfully claiming her cut. But what hope is there for the House of Peine when all these lost souls have in common is a father who never loved them? Or did he? A heart-warming story of bubbling and blending set among the vines and wines of Champagne.